Technical Services

Training NextGen has expertise in various technical fields including process engineering, graphic arts, technical writing, and aviation.  We can help you create a wide variety of products that help your daily operations and training needs.

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We have considerable expertise in creating technical graphics that requires technical accuracy.  We can create custom vector graphics or industrial art to include in your company manuals, training materials, marketing materials, checklists, your website, and so on.

egress graphic


An info graphic is generally used to fuse together statistical data with flowchart-like procedures.  These can be used for marketing or to explain a company procedure.



  • Printed color brochures
  • Digital online brochures

Marketing Materials

  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Mailing materials & mail merges
  • Postcards
  • Magazine inserts


If you need a website, or graphics for an existing website, we can produce virtually any kind of digital art, photographs, or technical art.

If you don’t have a website, let us create a website for you and handle all of the production including art, graphics, and technical writing.


We can work with your experts to create a checklist that is industry standard, based on your experience as instructors in Part 91, 121, 135, and Military operations.

Training Aids

The FAA requires some training to be conducted in person and sometimes in a classroom.  In this case, we are an invaluable resource for your training department.  We can design:

  • Powerpoint slideshows (e.g. for classroom use)
  • Online courseware
  • Large printed posters
  • Flyers
  • Manuals
  • Explanatory graphics
Training Aid

One Point Lessons

A one-point-lesson is typically a one-page document that teaches someone how to do something.  You can combine several of these to create a Quick Reference Handbook.  For example, you may have a series of one-point-lessons to describe various uncommon tasks such as winter operations:  de-icing, anti-icing, overnight ops, etc.

One-point-lessons make it safe and easy for your employees to do tasks that aren’t done daily.  Ideally, all tasks at your organization should have simple, easy to understand, OPL’s.  OPLs assure new hires do their job properly while assuring all personnel follow a standard operating procedure.  Whenever you want to modify the process, you merely release an updated OPL to everyone.

One Point Lesson

Briefing Cards

Briefing cards can be used by pilots, customers, or in the office to quickly remind operators of limitations and/or FAA regulations.

Briefing Card