Why TNG?

Industry Leading Course Materials

Written by Pilots

Being pilots ourselves, we’ve all gone through the various training programs of our competitors.  Let’s just say that we would’ve done it differently… and we did!!!  We want to teach you, not drown you in academia.

We Don’t Waste Your Time

Our courseware is written with two mindsets:  1) time efficient, 2) instructional.  Our lessons provide students focus.  We tell you what is expected on a test so that you don’t waste time re-taking a test.  So, if you want to get through training ‘efficiently’, you can.  If you want to learn the “why”, it’s also there in great detail.

The Industry’s Best Instructors

Our courseware developers are all professional pilots who are currently working or have worked in either the U.S. military or various Part 135 and Part 121 air carriers.  In addition, these individuals were selected amongst dozens of other qualified individuals because they also served roles such as being jet instructor pilots, training department officers, check airmen, or have various degrees of management experience. In addition, we chose people based on their enthusiasm for the work.  Each of these individuals went above and beyond their job descriptions in every case, which was our company’s ultimate qualifying criteria.

Professionally Illustrated

We use the highest quality graphics to illustrate everything so we get the point across better than anyone else.  Our graphics are designed to capture interest and be highly instructive.  Also, we have highly talented graphic artists who are skilled at technical illustrations.  Aesthetics is important for non-intuitive functional reasons.  A well put together graphic will convey an idea into your brain more efficiently.  It will also make a concept more memorable.

Clients First

We are not a rigid profit first business. Our goal is to make you happy and deliver the best product out there, beating even the industry giants. Each of our staff has a wide latitude of authority to make business decisions in favor of delivering the best possible product. Money is NOT our primary driver because our fundamental belief is that a good product will naturally result in a profitable business. That is our business model.

Lessons Ready to Go

If you want something that is compliant that you can use right now, we offer a variety of courses that work well for any operation.  These include:

  • Part 135 Initial Training (complete package)
  • Part 135 Training  (no supplementary courses)
  • Part 135 Recurrent Training (complete package)
  • Part 135 Recurrent  (no supplementary courses)A variety of supplementary modules that are independent:
  • HAZMAT Will Not Carry
  • Twelve Five Security Program
  • RVSM

Please view our complete catalogue.

Custom Tailored for Your Operation

Larger operations may be required by the FAA to tailor their training program.  We customize training materials for your operation which includes:

  • Consulting with your training department to include materials from your General Operations Manual (GOM), OpSpecs, and other company manuals.
  • Customizing lessons for non-traditional functions.
  • Providing technical writing and graphic design services included in the basic customization package.

100% Custom Products

Some clients may wish to develop their training program from the ground up.  This is our specialty.  We will work with your Training Department and Management staff to develop your training program in parallel with your operational documents (e.g. GOM, OpSpecs, Company Manuals).


  • Our courseware works anywhere*.
  • Our email support is available 24/7/365 with response times averaging less than 30 minutes.  For more complex issues, we offer phone based support as well.
  • We’re geared towards reliability – our systems are hosted on industrial strength servers at national data centers with high bandwidth connections.  Thus far we have attained 100% uptime reliability.

*Provided your computer meets minimum performance specifications such as a reasonably fast Internet connection.  A cable modem is recommended but the materials will work off cell phone hotspots, airport WiFi, FBO Wifi, and even inflight on commercial airliners.

Cheaper Than The Rest

Our competitors have a huge staff of professionals who pass on the cost to you.  Training NextGen is different – we employ individuals with various skillsets.  They are multi-disciplined and educated in a variety of subjects.  We need less people to do the same job.

For example, for our Aviation products, the person that writes your lesson is a pilot, a writer, and a graphic artist all at the same time.  This means that our costs are automatically 1/3rd the price of the competition that would hire a pilot to be a subject matter expert, a contractor to write the material, and a graphic artist to make it all aesthetically and graphically instructive.

When we have multi-talented professionals, we can do things FASTER and CHEAPER.

FAA Friendly

  • We speak FAA.
  • We spend a great deal of time knowing the FAA 8500 document as well as the various internal FAA policies on training certification.
  • We’ve dealt with several POI’s across the country.  We know what to expect and what works.
  • We can help get your training program authorized with minimal effort and time.