Online eLearning

Online eLearning

Online eLearning has been our specialty some time because it benefits our clients with substantial cost savings, around the clock availability, flexibility in course materials, frequency of updates, and uniformity of training.

Benefits include:

  • Very reliable.
  • Works anywhere.
  • Works behind company security measures.
  • Maximum client security.  We do not store any personal information about your employees.  We don’t need to.  We can use a company ID number, alternative names, or arbitrarily chosen means of unique identification.
  • Doesn’t require software to be installed.
  • Provides student statistics, reports, and realtime status.

Knowledge Retention Assessments

Generally speaking, most clients need lessons or courses to end in some type of retention assessment (quiz).

  • Quizzes can have passing grades specified by multiple requirements (e.g. defined passing grade).
  • The number of times a student may repeat a failed quiz can be specified or it can be set to unlimited, allowing a student to continue to retake the quiz until they pass.
  • Quizzes can be reviewed after the fact by the student for deeper learning.
  • Quizzes allow various types of questions such as: multiple choice, fill in the blank, multiple select answers, matching,, True/False, etc.
  • There is the option to provide feedback on a question or to wait for the grade until the last question was submitted.
  • Rich media such as pictures can be added to questions.
  • Questions can be taken from a large question bank.
  • Both questions and answers can be presented in random order, forcing students to carefully read the questions instead of memorizing answer sequences.
  • Various types of built in reports, or fully customizable reports, are available to allow you to see what questions have trends.


Our courses are designed to be efficient for the learner.

  • We tell you what to know so that you spend less time retaking examinations while retaining more information conceptually.  Our goal is to keep encyclopedic knowledge in the encyclopedia while keeping practical knowledge in your head.
  • Everything else is labeled “nice to know”, which is good reading for the novice or inexperienced.
  • Knowledge that is good to keep in the back of your mind for practical use is often listed in bullet format and given an easy to remember acronym.
  • Complex topics are explained using diagrams that allow you to quickly absorb the information.

Online Training Examples

Online eLearning courses are highly flexible.  They can include rich graphics, illustrations, links, source documents (e.g. PDFs of regulations), photos, animations, movies, and voice-overs.  We can even include a virtual narrator showing a presenter and the content.