Document Management

Document Management

Successful companies utilize a variety of managerial tools to synchronize operations at all levels from the senior manager to the line worker.  Industry standard terms for this include:

  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Company Policies
  • Single-point-lessons
  • Standard Work

However, many companies fail to distribute them in such a way that these documents are used on a daily basis.

Training NextGen has roots in the mission critical industry of aviation where things must be done right the first time, every time.  In aviation, all employees ranging from pilots, mechanics, and management all must coordinate their activities using standardized procedures.  This requires immediate availability of all company documents.  Training Next Gen has developed a system where we create electronic versions of your company procedures and policies while making them available to anyone using mobile platforms such as tablets.  Any time an employee is performing a procedure, they should have a reference publication available to them to assure the procedure is followed every time.

Training Next Gen will:

  1. Work wiith you to create electronic SOPs, policies, single-point-lessons, or standard work in an electronic format using high quality diagrams, schematics, or drawings.  Your documents will easily be navigated by links.
  2. Host your documents on a secure file server.
  3. Assist you with procurement and configuration of desktop computers, laptops, or tablet computers that synchronize to our secure file server.

To stay current with any changes, an employee merely need to press a single button to synchronize their copy of the procedures with the most current company regulations.