Custom Training Programs

Computer Based Training

Our primary focus is to create training programs that leverage the benefits of technology.  We heavily endorse online based training programs.  This makes sense because it permits the use of multimedia, virtually unlimited quantity of content, and permits unlimited updates.

Custom Development

We can help any business sector whether it be medicine or manufacturing or aerospace.  The basics of training remain unchanged yet, the strengths of one industry can have a major positive impact on another.  For example, in aviation, it is a business where you have to do things right the first time, every time.  This means that pilots operating multi-million dollar aircraft must follow procedures that have checks and balances and coordination amongst other people so that courses of actions are not erroneously taken.  The first step in achieving this level of operation is training.  Training teaches stern procedure with in depth reasoning to allow learning to take place in a deeper sense than simple rote memorization.  The second step is assuring that operationally the entire business is structured and standardized.  Every part of the business has a role in standardization but Training NextGen can put it all together for you and then training it.

Existing Company Policies & Procedures

Typically, training is developed after the basic policies and procedures are put in place.  This increases training development time significantly.  We will analyze your policies and procedures, talk with your personnel, and consult with them to develop a training program the way you want it.

New Company Policies & Procedures

The process of creating training while developing company policies and procedures is not very different than when existing policies and procedures exist.  The big difference is that we become a stakeholder to help shape the policies and procedures.  We will work in a highly iterative fashion with your management team to ensure the policies and procedures make sense and to align training.

Product Types

We can deliver a wide variety of custom training products to your operation, including:

  • Training Manuals
  • On-line self-study based training
  • Brochures
  • Booklets
  • Flyers
  • One-point lessons
  • Job Aids
  • Tablet computer based manuals
  • Quick Reference Handbooks
  • Website based document repositories
  • Classroom training aids