Initial & Recurrent Training Part 135 (aviation)


FAA Approved

  • We offer training programs that have been historically approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).  Our materials always get FAA approved because we know the standards the FAA imposes on the FAA POI’s that approve your training.  When we follow their rules, you win.

Not a time waster

  • Our materials are designed to be read in two different ways:
    • First time student.  The materials have tons of examples and detailed explanations.
    • Seasoned Professionals.  We have flags on our materials that tell you what will be on the test.  Professionals that have been doing this for years can look for the flags but skip the rest.

Price Matching

  • We’re already cheaper than the competition but if you find a better deal, show it to us, and we’ll price match it (or even do cheaper!)


  • Every page of material includes a ton of explanatory graphics that keep you interested.  They are not just pretty, but they have lots of diagrams that make things simple to understand.  In fact, many of our graphics are made so that you copy them down and keep with you for real flying.

Works Everywhere

  • Our stuff works on cell phones, tablets, computers, and so on.  As long as your web browser is modern and you have a reliable Internet connection, you will be able to view the lessons.

No Stump the Dummy Testing 

  • The lessons tell you exactly what will be on the test.

Part 135 Core Lessons

  • 1350001 – Flight Crewmember Duties and Responsibilities
  • 1350002 – FARs
  • 1350005 – Flight Locating Procedures
  • 1350007 – Aircraft Performance and Airport Analysis
  • 1350008 – General Meteorology
  • 1350010 – Navigation

Part 135 Supplementary Lessons

  • 1350411 – Hazmat Will Not Carry
  • 1350416 – First Aid Equipment
  • 1350417 – Illness, Injury, and Basic First Aid
  • 1350420 – Rapid Decompression
  • 1350421 – Operations above 25,000 feet
  • 1350423 – Crewmember Incapacitation
  • 1350425 – RVSM
  • 1350426 – CRM
  • 1350430 – TFSSP
  • 1350441 – TALPA