Part 135 Initial and Recurrent Training

Custom Products

Training Next Gen is a full service training products.  Think of us as your personal university.

We have two general categories of products:

1) Custom Training Products.

2) Off-The-Shelf

If you have a specific need, please contact us.  We can provide you price quotes for off-the-shelf products almost immediately.  Custom Training Program price quotes will be given after we determine the scope and magnitude of your needs.

Learning Management Systems

Our LMS is perfect for hosting online classroom style learning for large numbers of employees.  The system is available 24/7 and only requires Internet access.  It works on any computer.

Continuous Improvement

We provide training for any Continuous Improvement or LEAN initiatives. The organizational LEAN black belt is the manager of all LEAN initiatives and generally is not equipped to produce the training materials.  We offer a service where we work hand in hand with the LEAN black belt to develop all the custom training products as well as operational documents such as document repositories, one point lessons, and workflows.

Aviation Specific

Online training for Part 91 and Part 135:

    • Recurrent Training.
    • HAZMAT training.
    • Initial Training.
    • Twelve-Five Standard Security Program (TFSSP).
    • International Training (coming soon!).

Our programs have been previously approved by FAA POI’s.  Your company should easily be able to get approval for our products, often without any auditing or additional work.  Switching to us is easy and saves you money.

Managed Cloud Based Training

The majority of our training is offered by our Cloud Training Service.  We provide the website, the lessons, and the progress reports.  You merely provide the students.


  • You don’t need an I.T. staff to maintain a server and everything else that goes along with it.
  • You simply need an Internet connection.
  • You don’t manage any server software.
  • You don’t manage user accounts – we do.