Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are you FAA certified?

This is a broad question.  Training NextGen is a service provider and contractor.  As such, we do not exercise operational control at your company nor do we make managerial decisions.  We are an extension to your staff.  You can outsource to us but we are not audited by the FAA.  When we create a product for your company’s use, the FAA’s Principle Operations Inspector (POI) will audit your operations, which might include our products.  However, the FAA is not certifying Training NextGen in any way, they are overseeing your company’s operations.  Also, we are not a Part 61 or Part 141 flight school.  We do not provide aircraft instruction in an airplane as part of a qualification training program.  We may, however, help you create the materials in use within your company’s authorized training program.  This arrangement is quite beneficial to our clients since additional FAA audit time is not required for us.

Are your training programs authorized by the FAA?

The answer is a bit complex.  First, we must understand that there are no off-the-shelf training programs that are authorized by the FAA.  Each product is individually certified as part of your company’s training program.  Each air carrier (you) is overseen by a different FAA POI.  The POIs are given broad authority in the approval of various training programs.  Therefore, just because one POI approves something doesn’t mean that a different POI across the country will also approve it.  That being said, because our programs have been audited by so many POIs, we are extremely confident that the FAA will approve anything we provide to you.  We can be this confident because we have taken considerable time to read all the FAA regulations that govern POIs and their approval processes for training.  Please contact our sales staff (sales@trainingNG.com) to request a “compliance statement” that demonstrates the FAA FSIMS 8900.1 requirements that we are compliant with.  Since we cover all aspects of this FAA document, to which your training program must also be compliant, we are therefore extremely confident in our ability to become certified alongside your program on the first try.

Can you train our pilots in the aircraft?

No.  Generally the POI will want your company to either: (1) train your pilots in house with check airmen, or (2) utilize a Part 141 flight school with their own check airmen.  Although our staff have been (or are) check airmen, we do not generally offer this as part of our service since we may not be qualified in your particular type of aircraft.  However, if you need training materials created as part of your in-aircraft training, we certainly can help you with that!