102-Viewing student lesson progress


This is appropriate for company Training Managers to audit their student’s progress in a table-like format.  You can also view all student’s training certificates from this procedure.


  • Log into the system with your Training Manager or Teacher account.  Do not use your Student account (if you have one).
  • Click on “Quick Summary” next to the appropriate Course.
  • The following screen will show a table of all students and their completed lessons indicated by unchecked/checked boxes.

To Get Certificates for a Student

  • Links to certificates can be found by clicking on the 1, 2, 3, … adjacent to the student name.  Each number corresponds to a certificate issued by a different part of a course.  For example, Initial and Recurrent Training may have certificates for the Core Training (1), 12.5 TSA Security Training (2), and HAZMAT Training (3).
  • You can also get certificates from two other locations (see the rest of this document).

Get Individual Student Report and Certificates (from inside Quick Summary)

  • Click on a specific student name to bring up their student report.
  • Links to each issued certificate are available at the bottom of the page.
  • You can retrieve a printable report by click on the link at the bottom titled “Download as PDF“.

Get Individual Student Reports (from Main Menu)

  • You can also get student reports from the Main Menu.
  • Click on “Specific Student Report”.
  • On the following screen, you can choose a specific student’s records to view  or you can view students assigned to a sub-contractor (if you manage pilots from several sub-contracts).